Adoption in Indiana

Agency vs. Private Adoption in Indiana: Which One Should You Choose?

There are two main types of domestic adoption in Indiana: agency adoption and private adoption. If you’re someone who is thinking about adopting, you might encounter these types in your research. Below, we discuss the differences between the two and which one might be more ideal for you. What is Agency Adoption? Agency adoptions are…

0August 11, 2022August 13, 2022
Family Law in Indiana

What to Consider When Choosing a Family Law Attorney

Research When in doubt about how to choose a family law attorney, the first thing you need to do is research. Research law firms and attorneys that you think may be the ones you are looking for. Look up attorneys that specialize in family law and make a shortlist of the ones you wish to…

0July 28, 2022August 13, 2022

Simple Tips to Avoid a DUI & Get Home Safe

We all know that drinking too much alcohol and jumping behind the wheel is a dangerous mix. Yet, many people still do it. The consequences can be serious injury, damage to property, fatalities, and legal ramifications. The CDC estimates that 29 people in the United States die each day in a motor vehicle crash that…

0July 18, 2022July 18, 2022

How Does A Bill Become Law In Indiana?

The Indiana legislature passes laws each year that effect the whole state. These may encompass everything from taxes to education to health to public safety. But how do bills originate and become laws in our state? Let’s take a brief look at the process. It Starts with an Idea Ideas for laws can come from…

0May 31, 2022May 31, 2022
Pain and Suffering

How Pain and Suffering are Calculated in Personal Injury Cases

If you have been injured in an accident, you are likely experiencing mental and emotional as well as physical distress. You have recourse under the law to seek compensation not just for physical injuries but also pain and suffering. Putting a dollar amount on pain and suffering damages is a complicated process, but you can…

0May 4, 2022June 13, 2022

Tips to Avoid Potential Tax Filing Problems

Tax season is upon us. For many people, gathering all documents, ensuring proper forms are used, and getting them filed on time can be a stressful process. Let’s look at some tips on how be properly prepared in order to reduce anxiety and avoid potential problems. Get Organized This may seem obvious but the first…

0March 24, 2022April 14, 2022

Incapacity Plan: What is it and why you need it

While his life’s work was all about making people laugh, the last years of legendary actor and comedian Groucho Marx were anything but pleasant. While he had a will, Marx did not plan for incapacity. As a result, his partner and children fought for years over the right to make decisions regarding his finances and…

0February 1, 2022April 14, 2022

What Is Municipal Law?

In the legal arena, you often hear the term “municipal law.” But what is it? How is it different from ordinary law? And what are some examples? Definition of Municipal Law Municipal law refers to laws that apply to cities, townships, and counties (known as municipalities) and the governing bodies within those entities. Just like…

0September 24, 2021April 14, 2022

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney When Buying or Selling Property?

When you think of hiring an attorney, it’s often anticipated that a difficult or unpleasant situation has arisen. However, the act of buying or selling real property, while an exciting time, presents several legal challenges where having a real estate attorney by your side can be greatly beneficial. Let’s look at some of the benefits…

0September 13, 2021February 15, 2022

Helping Children Through Divorce

Divorce is difficult on the whole family. And children can suffer beyond the initial breakup for years to come if they feel torn between the parents or don’t deal with it in a healthy manner. As parents going through a divorce, there are things you can do to ensure children get through it and become…

0September 13, 2021February 15, 2022

Business Matters that Business Lawyers Can Do for SMBs

There is a common misconception that small businesses don’t need an attorney; that there are not enough legal-related matters going on for a business lawyer to see to. If there are matters for which a business owner needs legal advice, they can just consult an attorney or a fellow entrepreneur who has encountered the same…

0August 11, 2021February 15, 2022

Licensing Requirements for Adopting Kids in Indiana

Adoption rate in Indiana is higher in the last three years than it has been since 2009 (based on the available data from Indiana Department of Child Services). Since 2018, the number of adoptions crossed the 2,000 mark. Last year, Indiana DCS granted 2,317 adoptions — only 89 adoptions short of 2019. Indiana ranks highest…

0July 19, 2021February 15, 2022

The Dangers of DIY Estate Planning: Why An Estate Attorney Is Necessary

Wills and testaments are necessary for ensuring that the wealth of a person who has passed away is allocated according to his or her wishes. Unfortunately, two out of three adults in the country don’t even have estate planning documents on hand. Only 28 percent of people over the age of 55 are motivated to…

0June 28, 2021February 15, 2022

A Power of Attorney is a Powerful Tool

Have you been asked to be a Power of Attorney? Do you foresee a situation in your family that may require one? Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to act as the authority and make decisions on behalf of another person. Let’s look at the various types and benefits of…

1May 10, 2021February 15, 2022

Succession Planning: 4 Steps to a Lasting Legacy

According to the US Census Bureau, 90 percent of businesses in the United States are family owned. And they account for more than half of our nation’s employment. This includes farm operations, of which 97 percent are family owned, per the USDA. Surprisingly, it’s estimated that nearly six out of ten family businesses don’t have…

0April 6, 2021February 15, 2022

Things a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

Family lawyers perform a myriad of legal services, from managing estates and enforcing wills to getting things in motion for a divorce proceeding. They handle legal issues that invoke family law, such as prenuptial agreements, child custody, guardianship, and domestic violence. They can also mediate between conflicting family members who decide to settle their differences…

0March 30, 2021February 15, 2022

What to Do After a Personal Injury Accident

In the unfortunate situation of an accident that causes personal injury, your subsequent actions could impact your future health and the chance of you filing a successful claim if not handled properly. Discussing next steps with a qualified attorney prior to communication with insurance companies is often recommended. Regardless, there are a few things you…

0February 23, 2021February 15, 2022

How to Choose a Business Structure for Your Startup

Starting a new business is exciting but can be a confusing process. There are numerous decisions to be made when planning to launch and one of the first is determining the legal structure. Choosing the business type is important as it effects operations, taxes, the amount of paperwork to be filed, and how much personal…

2January 28, 2021February 15, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

Mergers and acquisitions are often good for small businesses. They can get more resources for production and product development and benefit from the leadership of experienced businessmen (presumably from the older, more established company). Still, such agreements are risky considering the large assets at stake. Both sides must agree on the distribution of labor and…

0January 14, 2021February 15, 2022

Do I Need a Divorce Attorney If My Spouse Has One?

“My spouse has hired a divorce attorney. Should I also have one?” is a common question we get asked at Taylor Chadd Minnette Schneider & Clutter PC. Our simple answer is yes: you do need to have a divorce attorney by your side. Divorces can proceed without the involvement of lawyers. It is recommended, however,…

0December 27, 2020February 15, 2022

How to do Estate Planning

Contrary to a surprising popular belief, estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Virtually every person has an estate that they can choose to leave to their loved ones when they pass away. Estate planning is just a means to make sure that process stays clear and seamless for all parties involved. Sadly, 57…

0December 9, 2020February 15, 2022

Indiana Legislation: What’s Changed in 2020?

As we enter a new decade, a diverse range of new state and federal laws is now being enforced. Earlier this year, 167 new state laws were approved by the Indiana House and Senate and signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb during the 2020 legislative session. Most of the new statutes enacted by the Republican chief…

0November 10, 2020April 14, 2022

5 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer Before Launching A Startup

Starting a business can equally be exciting and daunting for some.  As a new business owner, you probably have a lot of questions right now, including the legal ramifications involved. TCMSC’s commercial lawyers in Crawfordsville has the answers and can help you navigate the complex world of business. Here are five questions you need to…

0September 29, 2020April 14, 2022

Felonies Loosely Defined

We hear a lot of talk about felonies and misdemeanors these days and some of you may be wondering what makes up the difference between these terms. Let’s take a quick look at some of the disparities. What is a felony? In general, felonies are the most serious crimes that are committed by individuals, and…

0September 20, 2020April 14, 2022

DUI Representation: We can help!

If you made a bad decision to drive under the influence and end up getting charged with a DUI violation, contact us to preserve your legal rights in this unfortunate situation. We can help mitigate the situation and reduce the negative outcomes that could result if you tackled this issue on your own. Following is…

0August 22, 2020April 14, 2022
Mitchell A. Ray

Mitchell Ray Selected as one of Top 40 Under 40 National Trial Lawyers

Taylor, Chadd, Minnette, Schneider & Clutter Law is proud to announce that Mitchell Ray of the Greenwood area office was recently honored as a member of the Top 40 Under 40 lawyers in Indiana by the National Trial Lawyers Organization. The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 is a professional organization comprised of America’s…

0August 19, 2020April 14, 2022

US Property Ownership Primer

We hear a lot of argumentative voices about our constitutional rights these days with respect to such things as freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to protest, etc., but we hear little about our right to own property. Just for fun, let’s briefly explore who really “owns” the property we call…

0May 15, 2020April 14, 2022

Staying Vigilant in Difficult Times

By now, anyone who is reading this blog understands that the world is dealing with a situation unparalleled in recent history – a worldwide pandemic driven by a Coronavirus strain known as COVID 19. In these uncertain times, unsubstantiated fear and panic sometimes lead people to make rash or irrational decisions out of fear, which…

0April 6, 2020April 14, 2022

Appeals Part Du’

Last month we talked about appeals and how and why they are presented, but we thought it would be interesting to expound on them a little more to explain how they came about. They actually are rooted to some degree in Greek philosophy, so let’s dive a little deeper in to see what that’s about……..

0December 6, 2019April 14, 2022

Legal Appeals Briefly Explained

Legal Appeals Briefly Explained Sometimes legal trials don’t go as well as expected for people or companies charged and convicted with violating the law. When this happens, the losing party can utilize the US appeals process in an attempt to have their case re-tried and hopefully reversed in their favor. Let’s take a look at…

0November 6, 2019February 15, 2022

Redevelopment Commission Deadline for Determining Excess Assessed Valuation in TIF Districts

Redevelopment Commission Deadline for Determining Excess Assessed Valuation in TIF Districts A major responsibility of a municipal Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is to determine the existence of excess assessed value (AV) in a local TIF district. To make this determination, RDCs are charged with analyzing financial and project reports to consider whether there is excess AV…

0April 30, 2019February 15, 2022

Fundamentals of a Contract

Fundamentals of a Contract Years ago, many personal and business deals were made and transacted with a simple handshake. If disagreements ensued, the parties could go to court and ask a judge to resolve the dispute, hopefully, in their favor. These days written contracts are the norm and, if prepared properly, they can protect the…

0April 10, 2019February 15, 2022

3 Tips for a More Cost-Effective Divorce

If you’re considering divorce as an option, there are a few things to keep in mind as you consider an attorney. Here are three tips to keep in mind to save you time and money. Be Prepared & Prompt. You will be asked to provide financial information and other documentation to aid the Court in…

0October 1, 2018April 14, 2022

Registered Domestic Relations Mediator

Attorney Darren Chadd of The Law Office of Taylor, Chadd, Minnette, Schneider & Clutter has completed the required 40 hours of training to become a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator. A registered domestic relations mediator is someone who is specially trained as a neutral party to facilitate custom resolutions amongst individuals dealing with family related matters….

0September 6, 2018April 14, 2022

Welcome, Suzie Smith!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Suzie Smith to the team. She began as a law clerk in our office and after she passed the Indiana Bar Examination, we brought her on board! Suzie is a recent graduate of the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis. She is married…

0June 22, 2018April 14, 2022