Alternative dispute resolution is an ever-increasing important facet of Indiana’s justice system. Whatever the legal subject matter underlying your dispute, an effective, efficient, well-trained, independent third-party negotiator can help parties control or reduce costs and risks in terms of time, money, and emotions by settling their differences between themselves before trial, or even before filing a formal legal action. Retired from the county-court bench after eighteen years, Ray Kirtley is a Certified Civil Mediator and FINRA Public Arbitrator.  Dan Taylor has been a Certified Civil Mediator since 1995. Darren Chadd is a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator and can assist in solving problems between participants in divorce, post-divorce or other domestic relations matters. Our Mediation and Arbitration Practice Group is committed to providing parties and their attorneys an efficient, relaxed, and issues-oriented forum for the best opportunities for parties to resolve their differences and control their own final results.