If you’re arrested and accused of criminal misdemeanor or felony violations, your livelihood, personal and family relationships, reputation, and your freedom could all be at risk. Whether it’s your first alleged offense, or whether you’re accused of drunk driving or alcohol offenses, drug or controlled substance possession, or other misdemeanor or felony criminal matters, you shouldn’t face the criminal justice system alone. Our attorneys offer legal advice and counsel to zealously guard your substantive and procedural rights and legal protections in preparing your best defense in both the liability and potential punishment phases that every case involves. Eighteen-year former County Court Judge Ray Kirtley, former Marion County Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys Bob Clutter and Kent Minnette along with Darren Chadd, and Tyler Nichols form the firm’s Criminal Defense Practice Group.

This practice group also provides legal services in the areas of traffic-infraction and juvenile-delinquency matters.